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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Trips, work, tiredness etc

So we went to Toronto to visit our friend Andrew, first time on the train for Lucas. It was fun and exciting and scary all at once. Lucas out of his house etc etc. We took a hiking backpack for us, a kid carrier backpack with bags attached for him and a huge ass portable play pen for him to sleep in. Luckily my dad took us to the train with all our crap and Andrew met us at the other end. Lucas performed nicely on the train. He slept for a bit, went for walks with me up and down the train and generally was a good little boy.

We totally buggered up his sleeping patterns in Toronto though, lots of wandering around, lots of missed naps. We met my Aunt and Uncle for lunch one day and which was fun. Basically we had a grand old time. Visiting with Andrew always feels like picking up a conversation where you left of 5 minutes ago, very comfortable.

Work is odd. The project I am working on has been cut down to mid November instead of January. So I will have to look for work sooner than expected. That said, if I can find some decent part time work I can finish up all my Masters related stuff faster and get on with finding a real job.

In other news my sister and her fiance have set a date for their wedding, this coming summer in July. I'm in knots. There has been a request that Lucas wear a kilt, so many happy hours were wasted today looking at kilt websites to see who offered the best kids kilts. FUN!


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