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Friday, October 08, 2004

A learning experience

You learn a lot of things when you become a parent.

Some of them amazing and wonderful. For instance, it is true (unless you should have never had a kid in the first place) that you can love your child so much that you would happily die or kill for them. That when your child smiles at you the whole world seems better.

Some are gross or odd.

Today I have learned the latter.

Brussel Sprouts. I hate them. But Lucas had never tried them. So I boiled and blendered. They come out a deep, rich, brownish green once blended.

What I learned today is that after being processed through Lucas and into his diaper they don't change colour, smell or texture. I am unable to vouch for taste since A) I have not lost all of my grasp on mental health. B) I would have no predigestion sample to compare with (like I'm going to eat brussel sprouts!!). That said, I would guess that they taste exactly no worse or better.


At 1:24 p.m., Blogger Mike McHargue said...

Tradition here in the Southern US has the solution for making Brussel Sprouts go from yuck to yum: simply cook them with whole sticks of butter.

This negates the healthful properties somewhat though.


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