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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Yesterday Lucas was 18 months old. I would like to report that there was cake and balloons, but both Mama and Papa were feverish and in bed by 8:30. It seriously seems like yesterday he came home from the hospital.

This morning I went into his room to get him and I just stood over the crib watching him roll around, in mute awe. When he came home from the hospital he slept across the crib and fit perfectly, with space to spare, now if he does that his legs hang out the bars. He actually fills like half the crib (there is spirited debate on this subject - my wife says 2/3rds, there will be scientific testing a bit later, results to be reported here) when fully stretched out.

It's been an amazing 18 months, tiring, frustrating at times, but the most amazing thing that has ever happened in my life by far.



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