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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Blockage of ... umm.. Route 2 or, Daddyposting with an edge of gross

So, and there is really no delicate way to put this, Lucas was all blocked up the last two days. His tummy was enormous, he, like most babies, has a bit of an Alfred Hitchcock /Winnie The Pooh profile at the best of times. But this was stupid, it looked like he had swallowed a volleyball.

So, a couple of times it looked like he was, umm... working things out on his own. Working things out on his own in this case means pushing and straining and getting all sweaty and crying, OH SO MUCH CRYING.

Anyway, nothing happened and we went out shopping and all was well and good. So we got home from IKEA (we cabbed, someone in this house needs to get a drivers license – more on this later) and he was a bit crabby but that was mostly needing his bottle and such. So he went down to bed, and again all was well and good. Suddenly there is this great wailing from the basement over the monitor and we both rushed down there. He was all red and veiny and sweaty and his eyes were filled with tears. Touching his butt to check his diaper I discovered he had solved the problem, or perhaps grown a tail.

There is no moral to this story, I just needed to share. That said, today will be prune juice and fibre day.


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