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Monday, October 17, 2005

Separated at Birth

One of the blogs I read daily, even if the little bugger doesn't update nearly that often, is OnTheFence, the blogging home of J. Kelly Nestruck, National Post arts guy, political muser, bon vivant (I actually have no idea, but I like using that term) and periodic inpromptue coffee break at my house visitor. I read his blog even though his politically agnostic worldview sometimes makes me irate because he always has some interesting tidbit that makes me think (or freak out) I also have the honor? (?¿?) of knowing him in meatspace and have happily watched his transformation from goofy student arts guy to goofy semi-adult arts guy (I say semi so as to not insult). I mention this as what is known as foreshadowing (another example is the title of this entry, please pay attention now).

Anyway, every morning as Lucas and I get ready for the trip to the daycare we watch TLC's Ready Set Learn a show that has a number of half hour shows bracketed by Paz, the 5 year old penguin that Lucas loves. One of the shows is called Hi 5. Honestly I am alternatly annoyed and attracted by it. Their are 5 (duh) performers who sing and dance and do skits and all sorts of stuff. It's cute in that "omg please make the singing and dancing and colours stop before the brain damage is permanent" kind of way.

So, for a long time now it's struck me that Kelly:

Looks a lot like one of the cast members, Curtis:

Just a random thought.


At 1:59 a.m., Blogger J. Kelly said...

Bon vivant is accurate.


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