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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Email from beyond

I haven't been in a very posting kinda mood. I'd love to be able to say why, to put my finger right on it but I can't: busy with work, busy with life, depressed a bit... a lot of factors I suppose. The other day, as part of a "clean up your damn computer and work area" convulsion, I started going through emails. I came across a bunch from my mom. It was odd, in an "odd strange" not "odd, omg I need to cry and then drink and cry some more" kind of way. Emails have an immediacy, a "receive, read, click reply, write reply, send" nature about them at the best of times. My Mom's messages were typically of the three lines with lots of " the way... such and such happened" variety so they leant themselves to this kind of behavior heavily. I'd get a couple a month only, since I talked to her on the phone every other day, but they were always chatty and bubbly, about how I hadn't answered the phone and how she didn't feel like leaving a message and how it was really nothing, but here is a funny story etc. I recognize that other generations have had similar messages from beyond, saved cards and letters and even postcards, but all of them lack the immediacy, the sheer sense of a (for lack of a better term) faux-synchronous nature.

It took everything I had to not click reply.


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