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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Camping Trip Roundup

As you can tell from my last post, combined with the fact that there are no computers in the forests of Quebec, we're back from our camping trip.

We stayed at the lovely, humid, picturesque, buggy, sunny, rainy, beautiful Parc National Jacques Cartier.

Christine, Lucas and I went hiking two days and into Quebec City one day with my Dad. Marjorie, Darren and my Dad went canoeing a couple of times (first time over rapids for all of them I think) and we all ate and hung out and had a great time.

Lucas' first hiking experience was a huge huge huge success. We did the same trail twice, since he liked it so much the first time (we did Les Cascades). There were rapids, little waterfalls, a place to sit near the river and eat M&Ms (which we think might be a large part of the attraction of hiking). On the first day we went he walked about 6 km and the second day about 5. We rented kid carrier from MEC as insurance (I can't say enough about the Deuter Kid Comfort III - it was amazing) but wound up using it very little.

He slept quite badly in the tent mind you. The excitement, the noise, hearing Grandpa's, Tata Marjorie's and Uncle Daz's voices, and the newness of it all kept him wound up till about 10 or 11 every night. There was much stupidity from both the adults and the child. A sampling would include me bawling "I don't want a baby any more" and Lucas smashing Maman in the head with his flashlight.

Over all thought he did amazingly. He ate pretty much all the food we gave him, accepted being changed outdoors on the picnic table as if it was the only way to have one's diaper changed and, once we told him his boundaries, played happily on the camp site for hours.

There are pictures. They will be coming shortly.



At 11:29 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun. Welcome back to civilization where the world at the moment sucks and living in a forest would be a better choice.


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