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Friday, July 21, 2006


Sport is very often a microcosm of the human condition. It showcases what is very bad about humans and can also showcase that which is very very good.

Yesterday I watched this, and it was very very good. If you aren't following the tour, let me set the stage. Landis, one of the odds on favorites, went from being ahead by a few minutes, to utterly falling apart and being behind by 8.

When I say "fell apart", I mean that he was going so slow that I could probably have kept up with him on a flat road. The only thing that got him over the finish line was grit.

So everyone had written him off. Decided that he was done.

And then yesterday happened. On the first hill he started to break away. And no one followed. Because, you know, he was done.

Apparently Landis didn't get this memo. Off he went, pulling some fairly unimportant (in terms of the overall standings) riders with him. Anyway, when it was all done, he'd clawed his way to within 30 seconds of the overall lead.

With an individual time trial on Saturday.

Did I mention that he beat the first place rider by 5 minutes in the last time trial?

God the French cycling press is going to have a crap come Sunday if everything keeps going like this.

UPDATE: Testosterone makes no damn sense as a drug that you would take between stages. It's a thing you'd take during training. Until the B sample comes back, I've decided it's natural.


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