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Monday, July 17, 2006


So, across Ave du Pins there is a series of buildings that are filled with students.

Most of them are just like any other neighbor, sometimes loud, but mostly quiet and keeping to their own business.

I've always viewed neighbors like a reality TV program. I name them based on their appearance or behavior. So for a while there was the geek, who logged even longer hours on his computer than I did and there was the guy I figured for a grad student (who we liked a lot) who was quiet and grumpy and funny to watch.

These people have gone, and in the shuffle of people moving in, and from floor to floor, we got new neighbors. There are the girls that very often look like they are straight out of an American Apparel advert, a huge group that live in a ground floor appartment and someone we're calling Capoeira Boy. He seems to have about 5 pieces of clothing, many of them with the words Capoeira written on them.

Right now, at 7:28 AM, he is playing his drum on his balcony.

His roommate having moved from the theoretical "sure, living with you would be cool" to the "holy fuck I live with Capoeira Boy" is looking less and less amused as the current heat wave continues.


At 11:34 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, I also look at my neighbours when they are outside infront of their houses but I haven't named them. But one neighbour is really amusing. he sits on the front porch of his house turns on the car cd player really loud and works on his laptop. that is what he does most of the day then around ten at night he goes to the backyard to BBQ.


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