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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Fall down go boom and other cautionary tales.

Things you should know: Babies learn to run. Fast.
Babies don't have fear. At all.
Babies can get past you and fall down the stairs in the blink of a fucking eye.

Lucas is fine, but he insisted on proving all of these points on Thursday night. The gate was open, backs were turned and wham.. down the stairs. He never bled, never lost consciousness, didn't break anything etc etc. That said for the next week when ever he cries I will basically flip out. He has some very exciting bruises on his noggin and is a bit more tired than normal. But other than that he is his usual rambunctious self.

When we came into the emergency at Hopital Ste-Justine we were scared and freaking out. The people there are so soothing and professional that we were feeling better just being there. When we came through the waiting room a woman was heard to say "Great, another head injury. Now we'll have to wait some more." I would have said something nasty to her, but what in the hell could I have said that would make her life any more miserable than it already clearly is?

Anyway, so far so good, he seems fine and happy.. but holy doodle I am looking into grafting a parachute onto his back.


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