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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Stuff, possibly things, but always Stuff.

I've been busy a bit, with watch Lucas be Lucas and trying to figure out if this is regular Lucas behavior or Lucas behavior due to knocking his noggin. This paranoia is receding and I am starting to act like less of a chicken about him. His bruises on his little noggin are a nice light yellowy brown and he is fine.

Today we went to the park and were meant to be playing on slides etc (which we did) but then a street cleaner truck went by. Slides and such cannot compete. So we collected the stroller and took off in pursuit. But this time Lucas walked. It was totally cool. We went to Prince Arthur, a pedestrian street with restos etc, and he walked along looking at stuff. More fun than, well, anything that is a lot of fun. The fountain that is on the street was a source of great excitement, so much so that I thought we were going swimming. Anyway... it was pretty cool.


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