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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Gym, walking etc

So the gym is hard. Harder than I would care to admit. I have utterly wimped out on the bench press for several reasons 1) my ego will not allow me to lift just the bar. Just the bar is really all I can safely lift. 2) it fills me with dread 3) I have a fear of having my head lopped off.

In other news Lucas' new favorite thing is walking. We go for a walk on Prince Arthur Street (a section of which is closed to traffic) and today we stopped at McGill University's park like area and walked about for 45 minutes. It is lovely. He walks I follow, or he grabs my hand or whatever he can reach (being that he is crotch hight, I spend a lot of time wishing he would grow).

He also is in love with all vehicles that suck or clean. The day before yesterday he almost left the park on his own, in hot (or lukewarm) pursuit of a street cleaning machine. It was grand. Well until he fell on his butt. Why does that never seem to hurt him?


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