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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Killing Time

So I'm running a training session (that I don't want to run) in about 30 minutes... so i've got some time kill....

I'm going to try and knock off some of the updating that I need/want to do here.

I guess I didn't talk about my sister and Darren's (re)marriage. Even though Mom had died, it was decided (correctly) that since everything was organized, paid for, and since guests had come in from England, that the church wedding and the reception following it were to go on.

The church wedding was grand. Lucas was uber cute in his kilt, I was not so ugly in mine.... Marjorie was a bit late (SURPRISE!!), but insanely beautiful, Lucas delivered the rings to the front of the church no problem and all was wonderment and joy.

After the wedding some of us headed off to kill time and others (bride groom etc) went off to have pictures taken. Then we all got back together at the Dorval Community Center.

Where we ate. And drank. A LOT.

Honestly, Bev would have kicked our asses if we had canceled the whole thing. So it felt very much like th right thing to do.

Funeral Home

It sucked.

As I said to one of my Dad's friends "it's like the worst cocktail party ever. Extra discomfort and no booze."

Funeral Proper
As nice as anything like that could be.

There was a million people and it was tear-filled.

Dad, Marjorie and I spoke. And cried. And shook a million hands...

Honestly with out Christine, Andrew (who came down to ... well to share the weight), Ian and Mike I would have collapsed under the weight of it all.

I said at the funeral something that I honestly believe more and more, something that my Mother taught me:

Alll that matters in life is friends and family, everything else is background noise.

OK, my meeting is in 15 minutes and I've drank so much water to deal with the heat that my back teeth are floating...

so I'll talk about the rest of life: Lucas, our new house (shocked?) and my M.A. tomorrow... or later tonight.


As you may have noticed I have been on a hiatus. I've been very very busy. And my Mom dying has made me feel raw and not very much in the mood to blog.

Today is my birthday.

I'm 36.

I miss my Mom today more than I thought I would. More than I thought possible.

So today I will wallow a bit. And have some fun (though going and training annoying people on how to update their site isn't really that much fun).

And tomorrow, or the day after, regular (as regular as it ever was) blogging will resume.