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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back from TO

But first, at breakfast today Lucas asks "Mama, what's the French word for snotz?".. sadly I was laughing to hard to hear the answer.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


In January Apple released the January Software Update for iPod Touch. Let's leave aside the fact that you have to pay $20 for it, and talk about the update stream.

They're using iTunes to push it on you, so that you can then buy it through the store and update right away. This is smart, this is easy etc etc. I'm all for it.

The problem is that, for a number of reasons, I just don't have the $20 to spend right now.

No problem right? I click "Remind me later" or whatever...

And then I get caught in a circle of the same damn screen and I can't actually control the contents of my iPod.

I wrote an email to Apple about this, they replied very quickly telling me that they were sorry and they were working to fix this problem.

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Hey you!

Yes you!

The one without the hat.

You don't look cool. You look fucking stupid. It's -20c, you're not fooling anyone.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday Language Use Thoughts

When exactly did the world "conservative" get redefined to mean "social conservatives/raging nutbars"?

All last night CNN and other media outlets were on and on about how McCain wasn't doing well with "conservatives". I kind of thought to myself "hmm.. he's winning states, as a Republican, in the Republican primary, doesn't that make him a conservative?"

Then they started to unpack what they meant during one of those little segments about demographics and exit polling and I discovered that what they meant.

At some point we have to stop and leave some words and their meanings be, right? Otherwise all this meaning creep will just lead to nothing having any meaning.

Also, if Wolf Blitzer says "the best political team on televison" or whatever it is he says one more time I vote he gets sent back to a war zone.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Of short screws and annoyance

Today we installed a couple of light fixtures we got at IKEA the other day. One (in Lucas' room) went up super fast and easy, but the other became an annoying series of trips up and down the stairs to find longer machine screws to hold it up.

Why doesn't IKEA sell their lights with these screws included? Why are these screws always so fricking short? Why doesn't anyone sell lights with the widest head/sort of built in washer screws included?


The lights are up. They look great, but holy crap, something that should be simple and pleasant becomes frustrating for want of about 10 cents worth of screws

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