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Thursday, August 31, 2006


The other day Chris was off having coffee with a buddy, so I picked Lucas up at the daycare. Normally the drill is: I deliver, she picks up.

So we headed home, with him prattling at me about his day etc. It was lovely.

Then we got home and headed up stairs to change into more comfy clothes. Sweat pants for him and shorts for me.

We changed and wound up on our bed, reading and fooling around. I tickled him, he roared with laughter, I scooped him up and held him over me and he squeeled "Lucas is flying like an airplane!!!" (but in French... no one wants to read my French).

It's times like that where you realize that life is pretty good and that, if you allow yourself, you can be pretty damn happy.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Oedipus, Shmedipus, just as long as he loves his mother

So it's happened, right about on time.

If the three of us are at home together, Lucas basically either behaves like I'm not there or, if I try to talk to Chris, tells me "non, tu parle pas a mon maman a moi!" (or a variation on that theme).

I know it shouldn't but it hurts a bit.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Same - unspoke languages of kids

So Lucas has this friend at daycare (I don't use names of other people's kids without permission), let's call him umm.. X. So X and Lucas are good buddies. When they see each other they get very wound up and bounce at each other.

Today, as I was leaving the daycare I noticed that they had exactly the same t-shirt on. So I pointed that out. After much bilingual nattering away about this amazing thing, they both, without discussing it, arched their back so they could bump tummies.

And that was that.

A New Hope - or some other movie title that suggests holding my breath and hoping for the best

So, a new week, a new Lucas? 

This morning he didn't cry at the daycare, he cried at home to get to the daycare.

Which was shorter, less pitiable and easy to deal with ("Get you coat and hat and let's roll" - end of tears).

Which is nice because I'm so tired that my face is numb. 

Friday, August 18, 2006

Ruminations on Parenting. Part # 479

BL (Before Lucas) I thought that pain was getting kicked in the nether region. Or having a fight with Chris, or getting cut while cooking or re-injuring (for the millionth time) my left ankle. These were the pinnacles of my ideas of what pain meant and what I had experienced.

All of these, from twisted ankles requiring trips to the hospital to a nut kick pale, fade into utter insignificance when compared to the pain of leaving a crying kid at the daycare.

Lucas changed groups at the daycare. Much thought was put into how this would happen. We were warned months in advance. He started spending part of the morning in their room. He knows all the kids and his fav educator hangs out with them in the morning.

So, for the first week he was like "no, I'm not a CooCoo anymore, I'm a soleil." and would walk right past his old room.

Then suddenly everything changed. This happened when he started at the daycare as well. Fine for a bit, then about two weeks of hell.

Anyway, the last week has been hell. I leave him either shrieking "Paaaapppppaaaaaa!" or just crying. I know, from talking to Marina (his fav educator) that about 10 minutes after I leave he's playing like nothing happened. But all I know is that it really takes the wind out of my sails first thing in the morning.

Especially when I'm not really feeling like going to work in the first place.

(Another thought, he's also testing his and our boundaries. So he's been crying a lot to see what happens. That said, he seems genuinely upset in the morning.)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

My Sister Wins the Pool UPDATE

Friday night was her pick and she was spot on.

If I catch the little fuckers who graffitied my fence... well no, I'm not going to do anything stupid. I'm going to find them, I'm going to figure out their real name and I"m going to bill their parents (because anyone who is so excited by being able to write a made up name on a fence clearly lives with his mommy and daddy).

So now there is also a paper graffiti piece. This counts as art, and because I can take it down with water (though I'm going to try and take it down and sell it) I honestly don't care. The problem is that all three pieces are harbringers.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fence Update

It's done. It was done last week, but I've been busy as hell. 

You can see pics here.

More posting will come soon.