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Monday, November 27, 2006

HEY YOU! Yes you, back away from the constitution.

Oh Steven. Steven, Steven, Steven...

Not content to blow off the GST promise, not content to politicize just about every damn thing in the world, no no, you have to go and dust off the whole constitution mess. I know, it was just sitting there all musty and such, and Gilles was about to go and play with it anyway, but ...

Actually, no I can't be bothered to be funny, so I'll try and be serious here: I am what could be called a referendum baby, I was barely 11 years old for the first one; it's the overarching, defining political movement of my life.

It is not something you play with for sport. It is not something you mess with to score cheap political points, it is not a box you open lightly.

Mr. Harper and all you other chucklehead assholes in Ottawa, this is not some toy you fiddle with to impress your friends, it's the future of the country you purport to lead.

Put it the fuck down, take five giant steps backwards and then take a few deep, cleansing breaths.

Now piss off back to messing about with taxation that favours your supposed base and leave the constitution and Quebec nationalism alone.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh Rona... you opened the door..

Ok, look Rona Ambrose gives a domestic political speech, at an international conference, where she attacks the environmental record of the previous government (this could also be an attack on Dion's LPC leadership hopes, but mb I'm thinking too Machiavelli).

The next day the French Environment Minister responds. Basically saying, look the old guys may not have been perfect (god knows they weren't) but they seemed more serious about all of this than you lot.

Rona's response? Stop meddling in the internal affairs that I just bitched and moaned about yesterday, they're none of your concern.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Politicize politicize POLITICIZE!

Look, when you are on the international stage, dealing with criticism of your policies, you don't blame the last people, you don't go into a political domestic speach to an international body, you don't whine like a little baby.

Unless you're Rona Ambrose, then, apparently, you do.

This is clearly some of that conservative "the buck stops here - we take responsibility" stuff that I've heard so much about.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

In the rain

So Lucas and I are back.

We stood in the rain in the company of heroes.

And then Lucas (and, if I were being honest, I) couldn't take it any more. The umbrella that had been loaned to us by a nice woman was no longer umbrellaing. The prayers, the silence, last post etc.. all were done. And Lucas was crying to go.


Not because I love or glorify war.

Not because I revel in the death of others.

Nor because I think putting boots on the ground is always the best way to go.

But because of Uncle Dick and Uncle Tommy and Uncle Doug and my Grandfather Wilson and my Great Uncle Ed.

Because of the people they represent and the people that followed them. The ones that came home and the ones that didn't.

Because honouring the warriors does not automatically mean honouring the wars they fought in.

Because to not do so would be breaking faith.

That's why.

Pardon the lack of posts...

...but I've been dancing naked in the streets, what with Donnie gone and the US House and Senate in the hands of adults.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

And now, a bit of politics

Ok, so the CPC government got in, to the extent that they did, in part based on the standard conservative promise that they would be fiscally responsible, prudent etc etc etc. That they would be grown ups etc etc. That they would keep their promises. Esentially that they would be the opposite of the LPC.

They also go in, again in part, because of their support out west. So it is with some amusement that I read this.

So, to review: Senate appointments? Check. Floor crossing? Check. Flip Flops? Check. Hypcritcal, political rationalizations of same? Check.


Oh, just so we're all clear, I think that the whole income trust thing is a good decision. You have your company here in Canada, you pay taxes. End of story.