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Monday, November 21, 2005

A month? WTF?

So it's been almost a month since my last post. I guess I've been in a huge funk. This time of year never goes well for me, as much as I don't really like the heat of summer I sure do like the light.

A bit of a round up then:

Lucas is going through yet another growth spurt. He keeps changing and getting bigger on an almost daily basis. His language skills in French are getting crazy. He speaks a few complete sentences daily, he's learning new words constantly. That said, he still gets obsessed about things which, coupled with his amazing memory and the whole talking thing, can be a bit annoying. For instance, there was a woman on a show Christine watched the other day. Lucas thought she was pretty/interesting/whatever...he is still asking for her when we turn on the TV... 4 days later. He is also obsessed with one of the big downtown malls Christmas decoration. It is pretty cool, it's a 4 story Tree with all sorts of moving dealies. The bit he likes is the toy train that is going around the bottom of the tree. How do I know he likes it? Because he talks about it ALL THE BLOODY TIME!

He's doing well at daycare, though we have to work on him being a bit more gentle with the other kids there. One of the kids is a bit smaller and younger and Lucas and the others push him about a bit. Lucas apparently gets bored and wakes him up during his nap. Like I said, we're working on it.

Chris is plugging away doing the work of four people at work. I sometimes wonder if they have any idea how lucky they are to have someone who edits and writes perfectly in two languages, does layout and design and all the million of other things she does. I doubt it. In other news her union and the University have finally signed a contract, so we should be seeing some more money sometime soon.

I've been working away and am about ready to start doing my MA stuff again. I've also been fiddling with house stuff. Dad and I got up on the roof and put a cap on the old, unused chimney that we have. We also fixed some flashing around the chimney base. Well he did that, it was an awkward angle, and I kinda freaked out on the ladder.

In more The Worst Year Everâ„¢ news, Foxy made her last trip to the vet on Saturday. She had stoppedeatingg, stopped drinking very much and was getting weaker and weaker. At 19ish years old she had just run out of go I guess. As much as she was one of the most annoying creatures I've ever known in my life, I did love her so. Another nugget of poop on the big pile that has made up this year.