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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Grab bag (again)

Hey. I haven't been blogging much because I am busy.

Busy with Lucas (who has several English words now–come on bilingualism).
Busy with work (complaining clients and slightly messed CSS add up to no time).
Busy with house stuff (lights moved, plants repotted).
Busy with my parents house stuff (furniture moved, boxes stored, decorative garden thingys made of concrete carried up out of basements).

Lucas' kilt for my sisters wedding is ready, we'll have to take it to be, well, taken in. It's just a touch too large, which is no big deal, they move the side tab/belt things a bit and off we go. He is 20 kinds of cute in it, but totally ignored the kilt itself, focusing instead on playing with the hose (knee high socks).

Chris is on vacation this week which, given the vast array of work I have to do, is a blessing.

We're going to go to the Big Biblio and get our library cards this week. We're all (well not Lucas (excited about this)

Downsizing Report 4

So, .5 pounds. Considering that my "oh, I'll just be good the rest of the week" problem continues, I guess that is fine.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Downsizing Report 3

Another not so very diligent week. But still I lost like 1.5 pounds. Which is better than a kick in the nuts.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Downsizing Report 2

So, I was bad last week. I ate shitty food, I didn't count it via the WeightWatchers dealy. Bad bad bad!

That said, I managed to hold the weight I lost. So I'm down to a svelte 240lbs (in this sentence kiddies, italics indicates sarcasm).

This week has been better. No crappy food. No vast array of junk. etc etc. No gym either, but I've been walking to meetings a lot.

Anyway, we shall see.

Busy busy busy

So I've been so busy that I haven't had time to, you know, sleep, let alone do this. So I'll post a couple of quick hits today.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


One of the things we have going on around here is that Lucas is being raised mostly French, but bilingually... IE: I speak 90% French to him, Chris 100%, all of Chris and I's conversations are in English (I'm lazy, she indulges) and 99% of our TV watching is in English.

So the deal is that he will learn both languages a bit slower, but then when he explodes with vocabulary, it will be in both English and French.

Anyway, we have this small collection of odd piggy banks in his room. They are from Old Navy™ and are made to celebrate each new season or holiday/separate you from your money. There is a green one for St-Pattys day, a Santa one.. etc etc... They are all lined up on his book shelf.

A few weeks ago, while being changed, he looked over his shoulder and said "cochon" (French for pig). This, in and of itself, was profoundly cool.

Then a few days ago he looked at them and, quite matter of factly, said "pig" ... well he actually said "peeeg" (imagine a Maurice Chevalier kind of accent here ok?). I almost wet my pants laughing.

Downsizing Report 1

So after a week of WeightWatchers Online™™™™™(etc) I lost (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!) 5 pounds. Quite honestly I didn't even try that hard. I didn't go to the gym, I had fried chicken one night (way too much of it) and mostly pushed the points that I had to use to the outer edge... so that is good. I guess I am disappointed, even though more loss than that would be seriously unhealthy. I am a bit more instant gratification than I really like to let on, and I guess I want the weight off now, even though it took years to get to this point. Oh well.

Monday, May 02, 2005

A new game

So, I'm at my desk, with an infant snow boot, a Monkey boot (think sort of Dr. Martin) and a rubber boot on my lap. This is not some kind of weird insulation attempt or some kind of work related talisman. It is Lucas' new game. The rules are as follows:

  1. Open the front closet door
  2. Chant "shoe shoe shoe" over and over while you play with the pile of shoes in the closet (boy Mama and Papa have a lot of footwear)
  3. Select boots and shoes based on preference
  4. Deliver select shoes to Papa's lap while chanting "merci merci merci"
  5. Repeat

I don't know the name of it yet (he hasn't told me) so I've dubbed it the Shoe Game™
I like it quite a lot.